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AddOnAuto - In-Store Accessories Sales

Increase Sales and Cut Costs with AddOnAuto, the accessories solution ranked #1 by dealers in Driving Sales

AddOnAuto is an In-Store Accessories Sales Solution that helps you sell accessories effortlessly from within your dealership and includes a Visual Configurator as well as a Virtual Inventory System.

Buying a car has always been a visual and emotional experience, which means your customers need to be provided with instant visual confirmation while selecting accessories. AddOnAuto's Visual Configurator enables your customers to virtually add or remove accessories and instantly view them on their vehicle of choice. It is, psychologically, a powerful visual tool that not only enables customers to see their chosen accessories on the vehicle before purchasing them but also motivates them to make their decision in minutes!

AddOnAuto gives you access to your own Virtual Inventory system of accessories, enabling you to sell them without the need to hold a physical inventory. It also connects you directly to a vast, constantly updated vendor database of accessories, giving you the sales power without the expense. You can now focus on selling accessories without the cost and strain of holding a physical inventory.

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What's New?

AddOnAuto Digital Dashboard

The AddOnAuto dashboard is an industry first as it creates a virtual bridge that connects sales departments to fixed operations, and dealerships to their suppliers, while also offering users across the dealership the ability to see and measure accessories sales performance in real time.

AddOnAuto Digital Dashboard Features:

AddOnAuto's new Digital Dashboard is a Windows-based platform that communicates with AddOnAuto software, and offers access to performance metrics and alerts on any computer in the dealership where it is installed. The Dashboard allows dealership management to view up-to-the-minute accessories sales performance by providing presentation ratios, closing ratios, accessories sales per unit, month-to-date total accessories sales, even average time sales staff spends on each accessories presentation.

The AddOnAuto Dashboard also allows for improved process, giving alerts to each department as the sale moves through its stages. Managers are alerted about the sale for approval, while Parts and Service are alerted about the Order and when a part needs to be ordered from a supplier. Additionally, accessories suppliers are alerted via the dashboard about dealership jobs, such as when a part needs to be shipped, and/or whether installation is required.

The dashboard fully coordinates with the recently launched Digital Dealer Supplier Network, which allows aftermarket suppliers to maintain their parts catalog for dealers in real-time with updates on parts, pricing and images on the network.

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AddOnAuto ver. 3.0: New Features & Enhancements

  • All-new, touch-screen ready interface, built from the ground up for increased speed, performance and usability
  • Enhanced customization options
    • More detailed color scheme options
    • The ability for dealers to create custom skins
    • More "in-page" dealer-specific image options. (Additional Customization and advertising message options for dealers)
  • Enhanced Category selection helps Users to shop smarter and quicker
  • When adding products the view of the vehicle dynamically changes from Front to Rear for ease of product view
  • Products adding to the vehicle are flown on to the vehicle, providing an enhanced distinction of change in the vehicle
  • Zoom in/enlarge vehicle image option allows prospects to see the vehicle (with the products installed) in full screen
  • Enhanced view of product listing in a category with manufacture information and clear distinction of OEM parts for better user experience
  • A detailed wheel filter system allows users to filter wheel selection by finish, size and/or manufacturer
  • Sorting of the product categories by price or by name of product or manufacturer to enhance the shopping experience
  • Product details screens with multiple thumbnails and longer descriptions helps buyers make easier decisions
  • Enhanced shopping cart and mini-cart
  • New Popular Products section automatically generates the most sold products for each specific dealership
  • Related/Required Parts now show up when users select accessories
  • Enhanced sizing controls. Dealerships can now either keep the interface at its original size for maximum image quality, or make the interface full screen for maximum size and impact

Benefits for car dealers

  • Set up an Accessory store with no Inventory cost.
  • Focus on selling with AddOnAuto's completely managed service.
  • Increase dealership sales without increasing overheads.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and showroom CSI Score.
  • Enhance customer retention.
  • Huge inventory of both OEM and aftermarket auto parts.

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Success Stories

In our Client's
Own Words

Hands down, the best company we have ever teamed with to sell accessories. I was shocked at the level of support your team has provided. It really feels like we have a partner in the accessories business.

Jason Scott
Sales Manager and Accessory Champion
Precision Toyota

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