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AddOnAuto is dedicated to optimizing dealership revenue and profits through its unique in-store accessories sales technology that helps dealerships effortlessly sell accessories within their dealership. AddOnAuto streamlines what was once a cumbersome, arduous and often unprofitable task for dealers, producing significant results for hundreds of dealers across the country since 2008. Many AddOnAuto dealerships are earning more than 100,000 dollars annually in accessories sales alone.

AddOnAuto has demonstrated that accessories sales are an excellent source of added – and diversified – dealer income. Dealers using the AddOnAuto product average $475 in accessories sales per new vehicle sold, and closed over 50% of the customers who were presented with accessories, reaping an average gross profit of 53.5%.

As part of its effort to popularize accessories sales, AddOnAuto releases annual and biannual accessories trend reports that openly share valuable accessories sales intelligence, helping dealers optimize their accessories sales operations.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

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