Nada Accessories Success

Accessories are a $30 billion market.

While most consumers prefer to buy accessories at dealerships, fewer than seven percent are sold there. Now, technology has evolved, enabling dealers to crack the code of successful accessory sales and firmly establish this profit center, while implementing processes to replace lost front-end gross, without negatively affecting F&I.

This presentation will show you how to structure accessory profit centers and learn how to add $500 in revenue per-car-sold in just ten minutes. You will leave the webinar with practices that make it easy to sell accessories in your dealerships, enhance CSI, and generate significant profits.

Learning Objectives:

After participating in this webinar you will be better able to:

  • Avoid the common mistakes most dealers make in setting up the accessories department.
  • Look out for the most important areas when drawing a plan to establish an accessory business within a dealership
  • Match best practices of other dealers who are consistently producing successful results
  • Set benchmarks for accessories-sales success
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